Founded in 1999, Washington Walks is the largest walking tour company in the nation’s capital. We’re modeled after the venerable London Walks in England. With more than a dozen tours of the city’s most sought-after locations, we guarantee an unforgettable experience of the District of Columbia.



Walking tours provide an up-close-and-personal, local’s perspective. Participants learn a great deal about a specific theme or neighborhood in a short period of time. They are the perfect alternative for visitors who have been to Washington, D.C. previously and crave a new, one-of-a-kind tour experience.



Our official season of public walks is April 1 through October 31. Groups are welcome to take a Washington Walk at the same time it is offered to the general public. (Click here for a listing of all tours.)


All of our walks can be booked privately year round.



If your group would like to join a public walk, contact us in advance so we can provide an extra guide if necessary.
Groups can also book any of our walks by reservation on a day and at a time of their choice. We specialize in adult groups of 50 or less and always keep the guide-to-walker ratio at one guide to 25 adults.


Contact us by email (anytime) or at 202-484-1565 (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST) for rates and to book.