Thomas Jefferson once suggested the U.S. Capitol be placed in this river front neighborhood located between Georgetown and the White House. Originally a little port town called Hamburg, Foggy Bottom was later site of two breweries, a gas works and a naval observatory. While the neighborhood’s industrial character has vanished, you can still explore Foggy Bottom’s alleys and courts and discover the neat rows of houses blue-collar workers called home. Just steps away the Watergate, the most infamous office building in Washington, stands proudly along the Potomac River, as does The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, a living memorial to a slain president.  A Robert Berks-designed sculpture and exhibit honoring President Kennedy can be seen inside. The walk concludes here, offering visitors the chance to tour the arts center or enjoy a drink overlooking the beautiful river.


Led by Carolyn


This walk is part of our Get Local! Saturday walks, a series of weekly walking tours that focus on D.C. neighborhoods and historic sites. Click here to see them all!