Washington’s Southwest waterfront has morphed from a small collection of late 18th-century brick buildings along the Potomac River to a large group of mid 1960s structures of steel and concrete. In between, the riverside has been the site of a conflagration during the War of 1812, the execution of the “Lincoln Conspirators,” a clinic providing medical treatment to neighbors regardless of race or economic status, fish and produce sellers, and even bodies on ice in the District of Columbia Morgue. Most recently, development team Hoffman-Madison Marquette launched an enormous construction project called The Wharf. By replacing charmless urban renewal era real estate with brand new mixed use buildings, the developers hope to create that which eluded its predecessors: a lively, vibrant destination for locals and visitors alike. (The project’s big unveil occurs October 12, 2017.) The tour will include an exploration of the newly opened streets and public spaces.


Led by Carolyn


This walk is part of our Get Local! Saturday walks, a series of weekly walking tours that focus on D.C. neighborhoods and historic sites. Click here to see them all!