Get Local: Watts Branch and Marvin Gaye Park TourWatts Branch is one of two creeks running from Maryland into the Anacostia River, and has a lovely park along its entire length. Marvin Gaye Park, D.C’s largest-ever community park revitalization, is also the world’s largest tribute to Marvin Gaye. The walk will begin by finding the eastern-most boundary stone of the District of Columbia and then follow the creek through residential neighborhoods until it reaches the Anacostia River. We’ll stop by the historic Nanny Helen Burroughs School and a place known as “The Swamp.” Showcased during the walk will be the outstanding restoration of Watts Branch and Marvin Gaye Park accomplished by neighborhood residents in partnership with Washington Parks & People, a non-profit that leads greening initiatives across the city to help revitalize once forgotten communities. In its 13-year Down by the Riverside Campaign at the park, WP&P has hauled out over 6 million pounds of bulk trash and debris, cleared and reopened two miles of trail, stream and riverbank, planted 2,000 native trees and shrubs, and opened the Riverside Center, located at the old Barnett’s Café and Crystal Lounge, where the Marvin Gaye gave his first professional performance.


Led by Hayden


This walk is part of our Get Local! Saturday walks, a series of weekly walking tours that focus on D.C. neighborhoods and historic sites. Click here to see them all!