HAYDEN moved to D.C. in 1972. He is active in the D.C. Preservation League, preparing Historic Landmark Nominations for endangered buildings. He is former archivist for the Sumner School and Archives, where he catalogued the historical records of the D.C. Public Schools. Hayden has recently published a book titled Mangy Curs and Stoned Horses: Animal Control in the District of Columbia and has published studies on the history of Buzzard Point and the Urban-Renewal Parks of SW Washington. He holds a BA and MA in East Asian Studies and lives near Ft. Bunker Hill.


Where would you take an out-of-town visitor and why? "National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  A total surprise – not know to almost any visitors (unlike the Cathedral), extraordinarily beautiful and with a real feel of religion (unlike the Cathedral), takes them into a very different neighborhood from what they see otherwise.  When I have gotten visitors there they always thank me profusely."


Hayden leads:


Buzzard Point

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

Van Ness and the International Chancery Center

Watts Branch and Marvin Gaye Park