Washington DC hand drawn map

111 Places in D.C., And Then Some

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 12:30pm
Led by 
Andréa Seiger

As we emerge from our pandemic-mandated cocoon, there is no time like the present to take stock of all that Washington, D.C. has to offer on side streets, in the neighborhoods, and hidden in plain sight.  Andréa Seiger, author of 111 Places in Washington That You Must Not Miss, a guidebook for locals and experienced travelers, will provide a virtual extravaganza of unusual spots in all 8 of the city’s wards that will get you out on your bike, in your car, or on Metro to explore places and neighborhoods that may never have been on your radar. Accompanied by images from the guidebook by Baltimore photographer John Dean, Seiger will offer up finds that have appeared in her sightlines on her many walks through D.C. in the last year. One never knows what one will stumble upon, if only one keeps looking!

Andréa Seiger is a firm detractor from the common refrain “you know how it is when you live in a city, you take it for granted until visitors come to town.” She came to D.C. to work at the Capital Hilton, where the history of the hotel itself, and the stories of long-time line staff piqued her interest right out of the gate. She came with the intention of staying for two years, and has subsequently been in D.C. for 34, having worked in tourism, hospitality, and meeting planning throughout.

111 Places in Washington That You Must Not Miss is available throughout the city in locally owned bookstores (if not in stock they can easily order it for you) and museum gift shops. Please support locally owned and museum stores with your purchases.