Get Local! Georgetown Waterfront TourGeorgetown was originally a bustling tobacco port, a gritty place with wharves and rowdy taverns. After the Potomac River silted up, however, the tobacco trade dwindled and Georgetown’s economy required a new engine to drive it. This came in the forms of mills constructed along the waterfront. You’ll see what has become of them on this walk. First, though, stroll past the little houses resided in by the waterfront inhabitants. Lock #3 of the C & O Canal comes next, followed by a panoramic view from the edge of the Potomac River. A tiny neighborhood once called “Brickyard Hill” now boasts a luxury hotel constructed around a former incinerator. Alley life is revealed with a trek into Cherry Hill. Then peek inside what was once Georgetown’s public market. We’ll conclude with a walk through Cady’s Alley, Georgetown’s enclave for swank home design and furnishings.


Led by Carolyn


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