LEIGH has over thirty years experience as an actor and storyteller on stages across the country. She has served as a tour director up and down the East Coast, working with guests of all ages from around the globe. For the past dozen years she has worked with some of the most prestigious museums in the country, including the Smithsonian's American History Museum, Mount Vernon, and Colonial Williamsburg. Leigh is also the founder of The History Warehouse, a living history performance company that provides a variety of historical figures for historic sites, museums, and educational institutions.


Where would you take an out-of-town visitor and why? "The Library of Congress is an absolute must see! Not only is it the largest library in the world with astounding artifacts of collected knowledge, but the exterior belies the stunning interior design. I love watching the jaws drop when I bring guests into the Great Hall."


Leigh leads:

Alexandria, D.C.

Women Who Changed America