POLLY has wanted to live in D.C. ever since she and her husband Mike drove 450 miles right down to the Mall one spring day in the 1970s and couldn’t find parking. They turned around and left in frustration. Like the Terminator, Polly swore she’d be back and she’d know where to park. Polly grew up in Newport, RI, then moved to Columbia, SC with her husband Mike in 1980. While raising her family, she pursued an undergrad degree in PE and an MA in art history (both degrees seeming to anticipate whatever she’d need later for Washington Walks). Later, she taught art appreciation, worked for a gardening group, and interpreted Spanish for a local agency. Spare time went to road racing, pine needle basket-making, and continuing coursework at the University of South Carolina in any topic that seemed interesting. Several years ago, Polly looked around and, seeing that their children had grown, she persuaded her husband to find a new job and to live in downtown D.C. She doesn’t even need a car now to get to her favorite spots.


Polly leads:

Blossom Secrets Stroll


Memorials by Moonlight

Memorials: Remembrances of War

Memorials: The Journey to Civil Rights

National Mall Memorials: The Backstory

The White House and Lafayette Park