Mt. Pleasant Walking Whiskey Tour

Mt. Pleasant Club Whiskey bottles and brands.

Mt. Pleasant Walking Whiskey Tour

Join Troy Hughes, local author and a co-founder of the revived pre-Prohibition whiskey brand Mt. Pleasant Club Whiskey for a walking tour that reveals why a handful of 19th-century liquor merchants made Mt. Pleasant, a famously "dry" neighborhood, their home.

The discovery of a 110-year old whiskey bottle in his Mt. Pleasant residence inspired Hughes to research the history of local liquor production.  The results of his investigation are collected in his book, Whiskey Makers in Washington, D.C., A Pre-Prohibition History published in January 2023.

During the walk Troy will share:

- History of Mt. Pleasant, a D.C. neighborhood founded after the Civil War--but listed on Washington maps since 1792!

- The role local whiskey makers played in the area's social history.

- Colorful former residents whose stories live on as Mt. Pleasant Club Whiskey brand names.

- "New" neighborhood streets that connect the 19th-centjury neighborhood to the 21st--and to contemporary local whiskey makers.

The tour will conclude at Nido Market, where participants will have the opportunity to enjoy a private tasting of Mt. Pleasant Club Whiskey offerings.



June 15, 2024  2:00 p.m.

October 12, 2024  2:00 p.m.

Approximately 2 hours
Reservations REQUIRED and limited to fifteen (15) participants.

$35 per person

Embarks from Asbury Park by the statue of Francis Asbury (3025 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW)
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