The Washington Wilderness Hike

          “Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the Earth 

                                    are never alone or weary of life.”

                                                                          --Rachel Carson, “The Sense of Wonder”


After a cozy, filling day of feasting and giving thanks, #optoutside with us on Black Friday! The route followed during this two-hour ramble through northwest D.C. parkland is never far from city streets and busy neighborhoods, yet we guarantee participants will be hard-pressed to know exactly where they are much of the time, such is the remote and peaceful nature of the hiking trails traversed.  All we’ll reveal is that the hike starts in Woodley Park and concludes in Georgetown.  Between those two points, the scenery is picturesque, featuring creeks, woodlands and unexpected sites like the New Zealand Embassy, Divine Science Church, and the park where renowned scientist and writer Rachel Carson enjoyed bird watching.  If you still possess energy to burn by the end, follow guide Brian Kraft up the Exorcists Steps to The Tombs, the legendary local watering hole, for a celebratory beer.


Please be advised that this is not a casual stroll; it is a hike that covers rugged terrain. Participants should wear sturdy hiking shoes or boots and be prepared to walk uphill and down, climb some stairs, encounter potentially wet and slippery fallen leaves, and cross over a stream on wet rocks.


Procedes from the walk will be donated to the Rachel Carson Council, which is headquarted in Washington, D.C.


Led by Brian and Carolyn



Stay tuned for 2022 public tour dates.


Also available for private and group tour bookings. Email for more information.

Approximately 2 hours
Reservations REQUIRED and limited to twenty (20) participants on public tours.

$25 per person for public tours. 

Please email us for a private or group tour quote.

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Walk departs from outside Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan Metro station.
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