Washington Walks

Abraham Lincoln's Washington

The events of Lincoln's time in the city come to life when you know where to look...

April 15
May 6
June 10
July 29
August 26
September 23
October 14
November 18

"Blossom Secrets Stroll"

Hear the stories and secrets behind the delicate blossoms during a walking tour featuring not only cherry trees, but also noteworthy arboreal cousins.

March 18, 19, 25, & 26

Capitol Hauntings: Ghosts of the U.S. Capitol

A decidedly unnerving-and historical-walk through one of D.C.'s oldest neighborhoods.

Saturday Evenings
October 7, 14, 21 & 28

Embassy Row

Revel in the architecture along Washington's grandest boulevard.

Saturday Mornings
April 1 - November 25
(except September 30)


Washington's most famous neighborhood, known for its shopping, dining, night life and Kennedy pedigree.

Sunday Mornings
April 2 - November 26
(except April 16)

Get Local

A different walk each Saturday morning that highlights D.C. neighborhoods, historic sites, and local cafes and shops.

Saturday Mornings
April 1 - November 25
(except September 30)

The Great War in Arlington Cemetery

Honoring the sites associated with World War I affords the opportunity to see both the most famous and least visited places in our national burial ground.

August 6
September 10
October 15
November 12

Hamilton's D.C.

The hit musical Hamilton swept the 2016 Tony Awards, winning 11 of its record 16 nominations. Here's Washington Walks' salute to the history-making Broadway show adored by both academics and theater aficionados.

April 8
June 24
July 22
August 19
September 9
November 4

The Imprint of World War I

Discover touchstones to the Great War on a walk that travels from downtown Washington, D.C. to the National Mall.

August 5
September 16
October 7
November 11

John F. Kennedy in Georgetown

John F. Kennedy was born 100 years ago, May, 29, 2017. Celebrate his life and legacy with Washington Walks as we explore the D.C. neighborhood he called home, Georgetown.

May 26, 27, 28 & 29

The Most Haunted Houses

Features stories about the Octagon, D.C.'s most ghost-filled residence.

Friday and Saturday Evenings in October

National Mall Memorials

Get up close to a selection of the city's famous memorials. There's something for everyone--neoclassical architecture, modern sculpture, haunting remembrances of war, historical insights, and even funny tales. Along the way, your guide sets the scene for the Federal City's original plans to memorialize its national heroes and how they've evolved with time.

June 25
July 23
September 3
October 8
November 5

National Mall Memorials: Along the Reflecting Pool

Had you ventured along the acreage covered on this walk during the Civil War years, you would have found yourself submerged beneath the Potomac River. Today you'll encounter a series of major monuments to America's wars in Europe and Asia, evoking the triumph and anguish of warfare.

June 18
July 9
August 13
October 22
November 19

National Mall Memorials: Around the Tidal Basin

An assembly of brilliant leaders is on view, including the only First Lady featured in a presidential memorial and the first private citizen honored on the National Mall, on this stroll around this manmade body of water where the memorials resonate with the American principles of independence, equal rights and justice.

June 17
July 8
August 12
October 21

Urban Oasis: Theodore Roosevelt Island

Join us for an exploration of the living memorial to America's 26th president: Theodore Roosevelt Island.

Saturday, March 18

The U.S. Capitol and Houses of Congress

The most famous building in the world and the surrounding sites.

April 1, May 13, June 3, July 1, July 15, September 2, October 28, and November 25

The White House and Lafayette Park

Curious about the quirky aspects of the nation's capital? A walk around the White House and its environs is a journey through U.S. history. The domicile at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the seven-acre park across the street have always had a symbiotic relationship: what occurs at one location invariably impacts what happens at the other.

June 11
July 16
August 27
September 24
October 29

Women Who Changed America

For generations, women living and working in Washington, D.C. have defied expectations and surmounted discrimination to increase equality, freedom, and prosperity for their fellow citizens. See the sites downtown and around the U.S. Capitol where they and others made their marks.

June 4
July 2 & 30
August 20
September 17
October 1
November 26