BRENDA has lived in Washington, D.C., since 1982 when she helped launch USA Today newspaper as one of its founding editors. For decades, she told short, grabby, pertinent stories in print. Now, she enjoys telling stories face-to-face on tour. Brenda has traveled in 49 states (how did she miss North Dakota?) and 38 countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe. Once, to celebrate their milestone middle-age birthdays, she persuaded high school girlfriends to go on a long walk with her — to the floor of the Grand Canyon and back up, up, up. They’re still friends.


Brenda leads:

Embassy Row

The Great War in Arlington Cemetery

Memorials by Moonlight

Memorials: The Journey to Civil Rights

Memorials: Remembrances of War

National Mall Memorials: The Backstory

U.S. Capitol and Houses of Congress