MARTIN has been enchanted by the city of Washington since arriving in 1980 to pursue a government career in economics.  He found he enjoyed pounding the sidewalks of the city as much as crunching numbers and began leading special interest tours for friends and community groups, including Walt Whitman's Washington, Arlington National Cemetery’s Civil War roots, and President James Monroe's Federal City.  (His special interest in Whitman has made him an “accidental scholar” of sorts, publishing essays on the poet, including a biography of his Washington lover Pete Doyle.)  He is a licensed city guide, a member of the Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington DC, and a certified National Cathedral guide.  When not leading tours, he enjoys the camaraderie of the Arts Club of Washington, where he volunteers as club archivist and historian.


Martin leads:

Dupont Circle

The White House and Lafayette Park

Woodley Park - National Cathedral