PAUL is a professional journalist, actor, runner, history buff and former radio news anchor. A native of the New York/New Jersey area, he’s been exploring Washington’s crannies, cemeteries, and memorials for 25 years. His advice for visitors looking to get that "little something extra" out of a visit to Washington includes President Lincoln's Cottage, the U.S. National Arboretum, the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site and any of Washington Walks' fabulous D.C. Spotlight tours. He holds a bachelor of arts in communication from the University of Delaware and is an alumnus of Washington’s Studio Theatre Conservatory and Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts. 


Paul leads:

Capitol Hauntings

Dupont Circle

First Friday Dupont


Memorials by Moonlight

Memorials: The Journey to Civil Rights

Memorials: Remembrances of War

National Mall Memorials: The Backstory

Washington is Burning! August 1814: Attack on the U.S. Capitol

Washington is Burning! August 1814: The White House in Flames